Potential Moves for the Pacers this Offseason


I believe the Indiana Pacers have some improvement to do during this off-season… improvement to the bench. The Pacers finished the previous season with 49 wins and 32 loses placing them at third place in the Eastern Conference. However, there are definitely some flaws to this young pacers team. Their bench is one of the worst in the league. They are simply unreliable. Luckily, Danny Granger should be returning this season from a knee injury. It will be interesting to see how he recovers and what new role he will play for the team. I think it might be wise to trade Danny Granger to acquire new pieces for Indiana’s bench. Aside from Granger, it is rumored that the pacers are interested in trading Gerald Green and a first round draft pick for Jimmer Fredette of the Sacramento Kings. Jimmer would be a dynamic fit who would boost the pacer’s scoring off the bench. He would fit in the rotation well between George Hill, Lance Stephenson, D.J. Augustine and himself. The previous season he had a .421 field goal percentage and a marveling .417 three point percentage. Jimmer would be a great boost off of the bench and would be able to help keep the pacers in close games while the starters get their rest. Another move I believe the Pacers could make would be signing J.J. Reddick, the three point specialist out of Orlando. He displayed a .450 field goal percentage and a .390 three point percentage the previous season. Reddick would also be a great fit for Indiana’s rotation. He would be able to come off the bench and provide points which is where the bench most especially struggled. Additionally the pacers plan on resigning David West as they should. He was a crucial part of the team last year and provided points, rebounds, but most especially leadership. The average age of the Indiana Pacers is about twenty-six years old. David West provides leadership to the young Pacers and acts as a role-model for the younger players to follow. The Pacers have some work to do this off-season and the solutions to their problems are definitely out there. They need to restock their bench and resign David West. I can’t wait to see what moves the Pacers decide to make.


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